I can't find the way to turn a question of mine into a wiki (the help says to check the check-box under the main frame when editing. As I'm not going blind any time soon (I hope) I can surely say there is no check-box in the edit mode).

I cannot find the answer in the main Meta Stack Exchange.


The community wiki option has been removed from questions. You can read more about the reasons here: Community Wiki checkbox missing in action.

Individual answers can be marked as community wiki. If you feel a question needs to be community wiki, you can flag it for moderator attention to have it converted.


Jonatr I personally don't feel CW necessary for this particular question. It expresses a complete thought in and of itself and is not likely to benefit from multiple authors. Now if someone wanted to roll up all of the "best of" answers into a single post that single answer could and should be community wiki.

  • OK, I agree with you. Thanks. Maybe making it into a "best of" post would be useful, but in that case I'd divide it into two parts, as software for analysis is completely different than software for programming.
    – jonatr
    Oct 20 '10 at 22:04

While there are some wiki-like aspects of gis.se, it isn't really a wiki.

Maybe we should encourage users to push stuff over to wikipedia?

I'm reluctant to suggest http://wiki.gis.com/ since I've seen so few people reference it.

  • I confess I haven't spent time on wiki.gis.com. I just poked around a bit and it does seem to be a pretty good site. I will look there more often now. I don't know how "big" an answer should be before it is better presented on another site. I don't think we're ready for that yet. Oct 21 '10 at 16:39

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