Per the title, to what does the update tag refer? It has no wiki entry, but has been used to refer to all of the following:

  • Updating a piece of software?
  • The SQL command?
  • "Updating data" (not via SQL)?

Problem is, they're all very different things.

Personally I think it should only be the first - software updates. There is no tag for "delete" or "insert", that's what SQL is for, and "updating data" covers every other question in one way or another.

Assuming there's a consensus, it may be worth clarifying in the wiki entry and doing some retagging.

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I agree that this tag is rather confusing. maybe we we could split it into two tags, say something like [Update data] & [software upgrade]

I also found out that there is already an [editing] tag, which is similar in sense to [Update data].


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