Say I've got a question about how to do something, if I find the exact same question but specified to a software that I don't have access to, should I edit the original question so that the question is broader or do I duplicate the question this time specifying the software I want to use?

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  • Please provide examples. – blah238 Dec 19 '12 at 1:00

I would say that you should post a new question.

If you edit an old question, which has an accepted answer, there would be less incentive for people to answer it. A fresh question gives you the power to mark a question as accepted, and lets other people gain reputation.

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Besides of Devdatta's point that you probably won't get many new answers to an old, accepted question, there's also the issue that someone had a very specific request (for good reasons or not) and I don't think it would be appropriate to just go there and remove the specifics.

As a general rule of thumb I'd recommend posting a new question - maybe linking the old one.

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