What is the ideal Accept Rate for a GIS StackExchange user? I understand the importance of keeping the overall Accept Rate above 90%, but how much of a concern should that be to a typical user?

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An individual accept rate doesn't have to be anything like 90%. The accept rate percentage is shown to make people aware of the feature and encourage users to accept answers.

From New Question Asker Features:

It is considered good manners to accept answers on your questions, eventually, but accepting answers is not required. I personally consider anything at 70% or over quite good, meaning you accept answers on 7 out of 10 questions that you ask. There are certainly cases where you don’t get an answer you like, or the question is inherently unanswerable.

That is not to say that 69% and below is a somehow a "failing grade."


I've seen 70% floating around various quesions on meta.stackoverflow.com. I personally would read or answer a question regardless of the rate. Maybe that will change as the gis.stackexchange.com grows and matures.

Some users simply ask hard(but good) questions and it drops their acceptance rate(Kirk Kuykendall comes to mind). I think it's fine because news of gis.stackexchange.com is still propagating through the GIS community and maybe you'll get that answer when the person who does know the answer signs up and provides it.

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