I went back and forth on whether to post this question to the gis.stackexchange.com: What is the maximum, allowable field length for a FacilityID field in a Cityworks geodatabase?

ESRI extensions such as network analyst, spatial analyst have questions (and their own tags). My thinking was that GIS-related questions for systems like Cityworks (or any of the NAGCS members http://www.nagcs.org/members.asp) would be appropriate. Thoughts?

Based on the answers I am getting, it seems the "Cityworks" aspect of the question was being ignored and the answers are for the geodatabase itself (which may be correct for Cityworks). Is it a poorly worded question? Inappropriate for this site? Or maybe there are low numbers of Cityworks users who use http://gis.stackexchange.com and if I let the question hang out there, I'll get an answer?

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If it's something that relates to GIS (and an extension to ArcGIS Desktop certainly qualifies in that regard) then I think it's a valid question. You may not have as much luck in getting an answer here as on a dedicated forum relevant to the extension, but it's likely that someone here is at least familiar with the product and may provide useful help.

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