I've noticed there are some good GIS posts over at SO that would be worth moving into GIS.se. I don't personally have enough rep to do so, but I wondered if it's possible to flag candidates when I see them?


  • Now that we're out of beta, I flagged the posts above for mod attention, to move here (except for #2, which apparently I can't reflag because I already did so months ago). Mar 9, 2011 at 19:40

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This will be more possible when the site leaves beta, which will be soon -- timed to coincide with the ESRI conference.

So in the meantime, keep a list, perhaps edit your question here or add an answer with them.


The mechanism referred to in the other answer is called migration.

What is migration and how does it work?

From what I have seen questions are migrated far less nowadays than it was thought they would be in the early days. I think most moderators prefer users to think seriously about whether they want/need to migrate their question before requesting to do so. The quick way that they can accomplish the same thing is to delete their question from one site and re-ask it on another.

Note: It is not recommended that new users delete questions lightly because this can feed into the algorithm for triggering question bans.

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