I am getting a flag that this post doesn't meet the site's quality standards, so I suspect that some key word like ArcMap is missing.

How do you unsubscribe from a Stack Exchange site and delete your profile?

I can't find out anything on this site nor on the main site.

I also am having trouble editing my profile on this site.


I would like to address the facts, insofar as I know them, in a general way because many in the community may be interested in the information here.

I suspect the issue might (in part) concern my action yesterday to move an answer to the comment at How to create backlink raster for Cost Distance tool?. The answer links to the appropriate help page and asserts the requested information can be found there.

This was a marginal call--and usually marginal situations should be addressed by leaving things as they stand--but ultimately I decided that the post ought to be changed to a comment because

  1. It did not directly answer the question. (A short while later, the OP themselves said as much.)

  2. It is primarily a link. To avoid link rot, etc., we always ask that answers be self-contained, at least to the extent of summarizing the information in the links. At a minimum, it would require a moderator to add an "insufficient explanation" post notice.

  3. Generally, replies of the form "go to the help/search page" ought to be comments.

  4. The poster (Dan Patterson) is an experienced and respected community member, so I figured he would not need an explanation of the move.

I know nothing in particular about a "not meeting quality standards" message, but from experience do know that the system itself has (fairly mindless) algorithms that flag posts which are short or formatted in "interesting" ways; perhaps Dan received something automatically generated like that. The SE developers keep this algorithm a secret (to make it harder for spammers and trolls to circumvent it), but I suspect it may tend to flag answers consisting mainly of a link.

To diagnose the trouble in editing a profile we would need more information about what has been tried and what the system's response was. As a moderator I can still, at present, access the page for editing that profile, but to avoid any alarms or unintended damage, I hesitate to attempt any edits, even as a test.

I wish to add my voice to the many others, Dan, entreating you to stay with us, and for the same heartfelt reasons. A small thing like this is easily rectified and should be no reason for a major rupture. If there are bigger things behind this and they can be discussed in public then this meta site is a good place to do so; otherwise, we can talk offline.


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