When I go to the flags section of the Moderator tools(the one which 10K+ users can access), I see the following: View

When I click on the 'flag or disagree' button, the standard window for flagging answers appears. There is no way to disagree with the flag.

Can others reproduce this behavior?

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    Because this is a sitewide issue on SE, please bring it up on the Meta site. Since you have found a thread that discusses it there, the thing to do is to post either a reply or a comment in that thread. – whuber Jun 21 '13 at 11:49

I decided to search on meta.stackoverflow, and found this question: 10k+ users can see flags now, but can't unflag

In short, within the window for flagging answers, you have:

flag as invalid

I still think that this is misleading, because it appears under 'it needs moderator attention', but atleast there is way to disagree with the flag.

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