I saw that there were many questions tagged with (more than 100 at the moment).

I feel that for most of these questions, this is sort of a meta tag, and could be replaced by a tag for a specific API.

There are a few questions where this tags make sense, but most of those are 'shopping' question, asking

What API can I use to do X?

and these types of questions aren't exactly on-topic either.

Does the community feel that this tag is useful?

  • I think that there is just enough consensus in this Q&A to commence the burnination of the api tag.
    – PolyGeo Mod
    Commented Sep 13, 2017 at 6:26

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I agree that this tag has no to little use and thus should not be used.

Perhaps when A real solution to ambiguous tags is implemented that could be a solution that enables it to become more useful as a "gateway" tag.


Don't use ambigus term. Person who search api know a name of api. For me the api alone term don't make sense because it's always used in the second term.

I think these examples are the good practice:

  • dev. language with non specific api: vb6-api
  • Arcgis software with non specific api: arcgis-api
  • Arcgis software with Silverlight api: arcgis-silverlight-api if it's specific api subject

Note: Don't use the company name but the name of the product or language.

This topic can help you Should we merge esri-silverlight and arcgis-silverlight-api tags into arcgis-silverlight? and others in meta.gis.stackexchange.

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