Recently made me a user of gis.stackexchange.com. I can see there is an older user, with the same username as mine. Tried to change my username, but there is a 1 month delay. Are there any reason why usernames are not required to be unique? I know this is only an issue up front, since stackexchange uses another key to separate user with the same name regarding profiles.

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Some arguments are:

  1. In real life there are repeated names,
  2. If your are not the first one to come up with a name, you would need to try a lot (depending on the situation) to get a unique ID.
  3. Everyone should be able to use his own name.

There are other arguments.

Below, there are 2 other Stack Exchange threads that discuss this issue, and they also have advice if one wants to avoid repeated IDs.

For example: add a nickname after the real name.

Why does Stack Overflow allow duplicate display names?

Identical username for two distinct active accounts allowed by the system?

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