An hour ago I downvoted a reply, but within a minute canceled the downvote. That succeeded: the vote count returned to its original value and, even now, there is no indication on the page that I ever voted. Now I wish to upvote that reply, but am told that "You last voted on this answer / 1 hour ago / Your vote is now locked in..." This looks like a bug. Has anyone else experienced it?

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Perhaps there could be a mechanism to forward a request to MODS. What if someone inadvertently downvoted when they meant to upvote (or vica versa)? They would lose the ability to reflect their true preference.


To prevent weird vote-gaming shenanigans, you can only change your vote a limited number of times. And once you vote at all, the clock starts ticking on the lock, regardless of the state of the vote.

  • Does that mean you can only change your vote on a particular post a limited number of times? Or can you only change your vote on all posts a limited number of times? How many times? I tried to change a vote on something that I voted on 17 hours ago. Surely, that's enough time to change my mind.
    – Fezter Mod
    Commented Nov 30, 2012 at 3:23

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