It's been 4 years since I asked Applying version control to ArcGIS Models.

The essence of my question for the main site is: has anything significant in the landscape changed since then? combined with recasting the Q so it targets toolboxes themselves and all components rather than just a common component (models).

The question for meta is : what is your opinion on whether it would be better to edit the question and offer a bounty, or to post as a new question referencing the old?

On other Stack sites my experience with offering bounties to get new information on old questions is rather dismal, so I'm leery of that, but I also tend to prefer consolidation over proliferation... I'm conflicted, help me out. ;-)

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Normally, I would say, without hesitation, that you should edit your question in such a way that it does not unduly invalidate any of the existing answers (or touch up those answers at the same time to keep them "in sync"), and consider adding a bounty, in order to draw new attention to it.

This would be in line with Getting attention for unanswered questions?.

However, if version control on toolboxes containing models, rather than version control on toolboxes which can be text files, is your requirement, then ArcGIS Pro going into general release soon may present you with a golden opportunity to ask what you want as a new question.

I recommend that you edit your old question to have it ask explicitly about models created from the ArcMap/ArcCatalog/ArcScene/ArcGlobe architecture that pre-dates ArcGIS Pro, and ask your new question based on the changes made to ModelBuilder to bring it into the ArcGIS Pro architecture. I am not familiar with how much changed between the two, but this is an opportunity to sound some of that out.


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