Do we really need individual tags for each Landsat version? Currently we have the generic (104) as well as (2), (8), and (34).

Certainly the version can have an impact on the question since the available bands, resolutions, formats, and time frames are going to vary. But is that actually tag worthy, or should it just be stated in the question body? I note quite a few questions with two or even three of these tags, which seems like an awful lot of redundancy. For example questions usually aren't tagged with both versions of a software when asking about differences/changes, just the most current.

If consensus is they stay and are justified, some Wiki cleanup is in order.


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I think it's justified. If we compare to the arcgis and qgis tags, we have arcgis-10.0 and arcgis-10.1 etc, and qgis,qgis-2.0, qgis-2.2 etc. So the same rule should be applied to landsat and landsat-8 etc. If the user uses redundant tags it should be edited, otherwise, I think the differences between the different satellites do require a unique tag for each.


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