I am trying to find file format that stores geographical map.

I am not an expert, just a programmer, but my employers are. They want to export map from ArcGIS and my app should render it on its surface.

I am using C++ and raw WinAPI, so here is my question I would like to ask here:

Is there file format that can be exported from/read by ArcGIS, and offers C++ tutorial for rendering its contents? I do not wish to use libraries, because app might be commercial and we can not afford to pay at this moment.

Would the above question be in the scope of this site? Would it be on-topic?

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To me it looks to be on-topic for Main but I think what you are trying to ask is unclear so you may need to be prepared to use the edit button on it a few times after you post it there in response to any requests for clarification that you get via comments.

I see this as on topic mainly because it mentions the ArcGIS platform which is GIS software and GIS software is core business for GIS SE. The mention of map also makes it likely to be on topic because mapping usually overlaps with GIS.

Please do not use GIS SE Meta to pre-post your questions for community approval because GIS SE Main is by far the better place to have the community give their opinion on them.

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    I would provide additional details, since I am aware that it is vague as it stands. I must know if there is a chance to get an answer. I do not want to waste anyone's time, and also would like my post to positively contribute to this wonderful community. Thank you for answering. Commented Jun 12, 2015 at 22:11

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