There are plenty of questions in GIS SE that are routine question from a textbook, course, or test used for a class or self-study.

I would recommend to use self-study tag (which I created) more often here to categorize such questions; I also have seen it in other communities.

Example questions that are fit with this tag:

Would this tag be appropriate for this community? So to encourage editors and moderators use it more often?

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I think your newly coined tag should be a synonym of .

However, the tag appears to be on the way to burnination in Should the homework tag be deprecated/burninated?

The Q&A titled How to treat a "please do my homework for me" question? seems to define our de facto policy on homework questions and I think the same should apply to self-study.

Summing up, I do not think that either the or tags should be used, and any question, irrespective of whether they are for homework or self-study, should be assessed for GIS SE suitability by the same criteria as every other question asked here.


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