I have asked a question about downloading free geospatial data on the Open Data (beta) Stack Exchange but because of the temporarily low traffic of this beta site, this question has reached to only 9 views in two days and no one has answered it already.

I have two other questions too that I know they probably won't get an answer on this site soon and I'm in urgent need.

Can I ask these three questions about free geospatial questions here just because that I need a quick answer?


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I am glad that you have considered the Open Data (beta) Stack Exchange for your (open?) data question first.

I think any urgency in your need is a separate issue that has been the subject of Q&A here previously in Should Statements of Urgency be removed from Questions? so I am going to focus on whether your proposed questions would appear to be on-topic here.

Our community's attitude to that has been the subject of Q&A here previously too in Are questions about obtaining geospatial data on topic? and it seems to me that questions tagged are not always welcomed but they can be considered on-topic.

When asking questions on Main I would recommend that you pay particular attention to describing what you have already done to try and answer your own question prior to posting here. In the case of cross-posting https://opendata.stackexchange.com/questions/6778/free-quad-polarization-sar-images-of-san-francisco-in-bands-x-and-l I think you should start with a link to that, and also add a comment to your question there to say that you have now also asked here, and why.

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