I just came across a tag named which has no excerpt and wiki to explain what it is intended for.

It seems to be used for a variety of questions.

Is it needed, or could it be made a synonym of another tag?


We have used in very broad sense (theoretical and practical questions of making maps). We also have which overlaps with cartography, but "maps" is more close about the product/output of "cartography". Cartography is more close to the science behind the action of making maps. Perhaps we could clarify on their excerpt when to use one, and the other. Also, note we have which was made a synonym of "cartography", the excerpt on that tag is closest to "cartography", but the tag name is closest to "maps". Perhaps something should be done to avoid this confusion.

On the other hand, makes sense to me for questions about the set of software that allows creation and edition of maps. Remembering that a question not necessarily needs to be about a specific software.

Also, it would be necessary some actions to make the tag work, for example: filling excerpt and wiki, tagging key questions about map-editors to provide guidance (not necessary to massive tag backwards), remove the tag where it was incorrectly used (there are few posts to review).

  • 'a question not necessarily needs to be about a specific software.' +1 – Devdatta Tengshe Jul 11 '16 at 8:35

When I came across the tag, which has been used on 13 questions, my confusion revolved around whether it might be related to:

A quick analysis of how the current questions group within the above three categories is:

From this, even if I have 2-3 in debatable categories, I think it seems that the tag could perhaps be made a synonym of .

However, if there is a product/component that someone wants to write up a tag wiki for then I would also be supportive of that, with most of the above being retagged away from it.

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