Although this website appeared (initially) to be all things about Geography, after reading the help section and despite it claiming its audience is wide I think my question is not on topic: am I correct in thinking the following question is off topic here?

I've seen 2 spellings of a place, which is correct for my given location?

The actual question is 2 fold:

Why is there Menorca and Minorca (which is correct in Menorca and UK?
Why is there Addaia and Addaya (a town in Menorca) (which is correct in Menorca and UK?

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This site is about Geographic Information Systems and not general Geography so I think your question is off-topic here.

I think an answer to your question is that while there may be many incorrect spellings for the name of a location there may also be multiple correct spellings.

The reasons for there being multiple correct spellings possible will depend on the particular location being considered.

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