With ArcGIS 10.5 now in Prerelease it seems timely to re-examine how the server products from that platform are tagged because:

If you haven’t already heard the product family formerly known as ArcGIS for Server has been renamed to ArcGIS Enterprise.

From What is ArcGIS Enterprise? it has four components:

  • ArcGIS Server
  • Portal for ArcGIS
  • ArcGIS Data Store
  • ArcGIS Web Adaptor

How should we tag server products and components from the ArcGIS platform going forward?

I think any tagging scheme proposed should include consideration of what to do with the tag.

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They should continue to be tagged the way they are now. . I do not see the need for some enterprise tag. It would be the same as adding the 'arcgis' tag to anything Esri related. ArcGIS Enterprise is a collection of software:

A base ArcGIS Enterprise deployment consists of a combination of three primary components—Portal for ArcGIS, ArcGIS Server, and ArcGIS Data Store—that together comprise a Web GIS. This provides foundational mapping and analysis capabilities along with secure sharing, app infrastructure, and information management functionality. ArcGIS Server must be licensed at the GIS Server Standard or GIS Server Advanced level in this deployment. See Base ArcGIS Enterprise deployment for details.

Someone who comes to the site asking "I need help with setting up ArcGIS Enterprise" will be asked to narrow down their question. They'll have a specific problem with one of the components, not the entire process. If they do, thats a call to tech support or again, be called upon to be specific in their problem.


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