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my understanding is that there should never be a need to manually override the syntax highlighting hint used when writing questions and answers on our site unless the default syntax has not been set for a tag.

I noticed today that this had not been set to Python for the Shapely tag wiki (see below) and so I spent a few seconds doing it.

To do this I used a moderator privilege and apparently this is the only way that it can be done - see this answer to What reputation is needed to suggest language hints to be used for particular tags?

enter image description here

None of us want or should need to use manual overrides like:

<!-- language: lang-py -->

unless we are mixing code from several languages in our questions (which should be rare).

Are there any instances where you are finding that you have to go to the trouble of manually overriding the highlighting syntax chosen for one of our tags?


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List of tags with syntax highlighting applied (after the question was posted):

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