I am writing some basic QGIS training notes and I came across this post Is it possible to change the field length of a shapefile to over 255?

However the maximum field length of a shapefile, I believe, is 254.

This based upon other GIS SE answers:

and the Wikipedia https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shapefile#Limitations

What is best practice; should the original question be edited, a comment made, or the 254 limitation added to an answer?

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I prefer not to use the term "best practice" but what I would do is to edit the question to correct it, and include a link to a reference that supports the 254 character limit.

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It depends if the misleading assumption is key information to solve OP's question, i.e., when correcting/responding to the misleading assumption is the answer (or significant part of the answer). In this case, don't edit the question, but answer it.

If the misleading assumption is marginal to what is being asked, I see no problem making a correction, which seems it was the case in the example you provided.

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