I noted that I currently have some posts awaiting review:

enter image description here

In the past, they were generally approvals for suggested edits.

Instead, I noted that clicking on that notification, I don't have anything to do:

enter image description here

I guess this behavior could be related to the Access To Moderator Tools privilege that I recently earned, but I wasn't able to find any other place for answering to the three notifications mentioned above.

I tried to have a look at the /tools link, but all the stuff there seems to be informational.

Am I missing something?


I am not certain, but I suspect that this may be related to What does the number next to the review link in the top bar actually mean? from Meta Stack Exchange.

For me there are often a few reviews numbered but not present in the review queue on the sites that I frequent. I've always assumed that it is mainly down to caching.

  • Thanks for the link, I agree with you (even if this behavior is a bit frustrating).
    – mgri
    Jul 4 '17 at 12:19

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