I was wondering how not to create a duplicate question of an old one while asking for fresh infos on this specific question.

In short, is there a way to "up" an old question to ask people if they have new answers ? Example : Running and debugging PyQGIS scripts in PyCharm Community Edition?

If I would like to "ask again" this 3 year old question for actual answers, what could I do to make it live again ? I guess a simple comment doesn't make it go up, and an edit would probably do the trick, but I feel it's not the right way.

It's an example, I think I have found an answer to it here : https://nathanw.net/2014/05/10/setting-up-pycharm-for-pyqgis-and-qt/


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Hum...just found myself the answer to my own question : set up a bounty on the question will pull it up and attract attention to it. I guess asking the question brought the answer to my brain :)

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