I came across this featured question How are unsaved/temporary edits stored during versioned editing? I was curious as to how that was allowed to occur? I haven't seen that type of situation prior to this, nor found any answers to this.

More curious than anything.


Bounty reputation is removed when the bounty is offered, not when it is awarded. Basically the user has offered more than half of their reputation as bounty for that Q&A.

From my own reputation activity page when I've offered a bounty:

enter image description here

Yet the bounty wasn't awarded until a week later. This is the reputation activity from the user who earned the bounty.

enter image description here

So if the user had say 195 reputation, then offered a bounty of 100, they would then have 95 rep.

Bounties are non-refundable, whether the bounty is awarded or not.

Also, see How does the bounty system work? for a more detailed description of how bounties work.

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