A red dot is showing under my review queue, what is it?

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Jon Ericson's post in Meta Stack Exchange answers it:

How does the review-needed indicator work exactly?

With the rollout of the new top bar, you’ve probably noticed the new review indicator:


So the idea is that when you see the indicator light up, it’s a reminder that there are reviews to be done if you haven’t looked recently.


Each queue may be in one of three states:

No dot (empty queue)
Grey dot (at least one but fewer than N review tasks)
Red dot (N or more review tasks)

Update: the logic for lighting up the review queue icon became more complex, and is still subject to change, so refer to the main post for follow ups.

As a side note from me is that most times I get that red dot in my review icon, I click on it but I am already late for the party (no posts; I think it is due to caching).

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