I recently asked the question How to get signal when toggling a group? where @FranciscoRaga kindly referred me to another post which provided an answer.

Should I mark my question as a duplicate or delete it?


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I think you should vote to close it as a duplicate which I think should take effect immediately.

That way it becomes another signpost to the same answer.


Perhaps there was a reason you did not find the other question.

So, besides what @PolyGeo answered, I suggest always try editing the duplicate question for readability and searchability (title, body and tags) if one thinks it is appropriate.

For example, usually titles starting with:

  • In QGIS plugin, ... or
  • How do I ...

are not the best for distinguishing content through searching.

Here is a Meta SE Q/A with hints for writing titles: How do I write a good title?*

*Ironically, the title is not following its own guidelines, but it is a useful post anyway.

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    Thanks for your advice :)
    – Joseph
    Commented Jan 9, 2018 at 9:59

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