I was perusing the help pages to make sure that my next question is on-topic for this site and I noticed something that was rather odd for graduated site, a link that says

How to Ask Questions in Private Beta

Is this intentionally left over, or does it need to be removed?


I think that the link should be removed from that location.

However, since it occurs in the Help Center of every site including Stack Overflow and Meta Stack Exchange, for that to happen will require a software fix at a level higher than the site-specific issues that we can deal with in this Meta. That level is Meta Stack Exchange.

There is a question that has already been posted as a [bug] “How to Ask Questions in Private Beta” is listed in every site’s help centre where it awaits SE developer resources being allocated to resolving it.

At the moment it has few votes (just 24), and as such I suspect will be considered a low priority. If it is important to you then I think you should upvote it, like I did (probably a few years ago).

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