It is a common problem in Stack Exchange when users use comments to write answers instead of posting them as actual answers in the answer box. Sometimes, the motive for doing so is legit, but it is still a problem:

  • question remains officially unanswered;
  • it is difficult to find the answer in a pile of comments;
  • it leads to duplicates (because the answer was not found), etc.

More on this has been discussed in GIS Meta before. Refer to:

If I want to do something about it, how can I find such questions? Maybe a Stack Exchange Data Explorer (SEDE) query?

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I am sharing a query in SEDE to help finding questions which were answered in comments.

It searches for questions with no answers, which are not closed and are not locked. Under such questions OP uses one of two keywords in comments: solved or worked. One needs to type a tag name as a parameter from the query.

Testing this query for the tag returned 24 questions, in which approximately 20 were true positives. It seems the query despite simple, has potential. It can also be forked and improved.

What I have done (or plan to do) with such questions is one of the following:

  • Ask* the owner of comment which answered the question to post it as an answer;
  • Ask* OP to add a self-answer and point him/her to the Can I answer my own question? section from our help center;
  • Answer it myself (if I can comprehend what the answer means and can support it);
  • Vote to close as 'This problem cannot or can no longer be reproduced';
  • Downvote question and make it nearer the auto-deletion scripts.

*In such cases, I usually offer myself to come back after the answer is posted (as long I am @AndreSilva pinged) and upvote it.

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