We currently have tags for:

  • which has 32 questions and a tag wiki which says:

bbox is a shortened form of bounding box

  • which has 543 questions and a tag wiki which says:

An extent is the minimum bounding box/rectangle (xmin, ymin and xmax, ymax) defined by coordinate pairs of a data source. All coordinates for the data source fall within this boundary.

The only (and accepted) answer to Difference between bounding box, envelope, extent, bounds? suggests the terms are very similar.

Do we need both tags, and if not, which should be made a synonym of the other?


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It is not rare that tags which have different meanings in the real world, are still used interchangeably in (GIS) Stack Exchange. Moreover, in this particular case, concepts of and are closely related.

Therefore, I suggest they to be synonymized and after some time, merged. This is to facilitate searching questions and to avoid duplicates. That is what tags are for.

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