There is currently a tag which has 112 questions and a tag wiki excerpt of:

Modifying the default state of an application to suit a user's preferences or to address the unique requirements of a particular objective.

Is it needed, or does having a tag for the spatial library used in that customization (e.g. , , , , etc) make it superfluous, and a candidate for burnination?

Also, ArcMap has a Customize Mode that is GUI rather than code driven, and I think that and equivalents in other software should be part of this discussion.


I do not think that we need the tag and propose that we cease using it, and slowly burninate it.

We now have a tag, for the GUI driven Customize Mode of ArcGIS Desktop applications.

For code-driven customization there will already be tags like , , , , , etc for the language/library used to perform that customization.

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