can someone clarify why CRS error working with Solaris was closed as off-topic?

It is asking about the solaris python library for geospatial analysis and is asking a specific question about a bug/problem the user encountered when working with the module. This seems on-topic for GIS Stack Exchange to me, but I could be misunderstanding the intended scope of the site.

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Questions that relate to the business of vendors and product teams, such as licensing, pricing, release dates, submission of bug reports and enhancement requests, etc, are off-topic here and should be directed instead to the official software support teams.

You have said this is a bug and that you are a maintainer of the project, and have directed the asker to post the bug report on the github repo. Therefore it's off-topic here


The vote to close on that question came from a moderator other than I, but I agree with it.

The reason is your answer there:

I'm one of the maintainers for the solaris project. I tried to reproduce your error in my environment but could not.

If you open an issue in the solaris github repo with the full traceback, and your python/solaris/pyproj/fiona versions, then we would be happy to try to figure out what's going on.

You, as one of the maintainers for the solaris project, have said that it is appropriate to submit as a bug to the solaris GitHub, and we have a custom close reason here (the one that was used) for closing such questions.

I think that custom close reason was last discussed here at Adding 'bug reports' to off-topic close reasons dialog?


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