Why was the question Finding holes in proposed districts (Polygons/Multipolygons) closed?

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It was closed as Off Topic because:

When seeking help to debug/write/improve code always provide the desired behavior, a specific problem/error and the shortest code (as formatted text, not pictures) needed to reproduce it in the question body. Providing a clear problem statement and a code attempt helps others to help you.

If you feel it was closed wrongly, vote to reopen it.


That question starts:

Thinking through something that I seek some SQL on:

so the question is seeking SQL code.

When I voted to close the question did not include anything like a code snippet that illustrated what they had tried and where they were stuck.

We are a little different from other sites. We are a Q&A site, not a discussion forum. For questions that involve code we ask that users show us where they are stuck with their own code by including a code snippet in their question. There is an edit button beneath their question which will enable them to do that and a {} button that enables them to format any highlighted code nicely.

We placed this requirement on coding questions here, and created a custom close reason for it, to prevent us becoming a code request service. The discussions that led to that close reason include:

As soon as the user edited their question to provide more details the review queue introduced 7 new close/re-open voters to the question, and of those, 2 voted to still leave it closed, and 5 voted to re-open, and so it is now open.


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