I recently saw that one of my former questions was closed.

Calling Python through BAT for Scheduled Task

While I can appreciate the need to clean up SO, I don't really understand the case for a close in this case. The reasoning is:

Closed. This question is off-topic. It is not currently accepting answers.
When seeking help to debug/write/improve code always provide the desired behavior, a specific problem/error and the shortest code (as formatted text, not pictures) needed to reproduce it in the question body. Providing a clear problem statement and a code attempt helps others to help you.

Closed 3 days ago by PolyGeo♦︎.

This question (and answer) is about specifying the correct folder path and connection for an ArcGIS enterprise database through a bat file that calls to a python script. There is no code provided to debug since it is a path issue, further the problem and error is contained in the question.

I don't think this question should be closed, since there is already an upvoted (+8) and accepted answer. If the question was unclear and there was no accepted answer or upvotes I could see a reasoning for being closed.

I can appreciate that path issues are somewhat trivial but at the time of posting that question I was early on in my GIS career and the path/permissions issues of Esri were a lot to get through and troubleshoot on your own - which is why I posted here.

I have voted to re-open this question.


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In retrospect I made a mistake in voting to close this question of yours, for which I apologize.

As @inc42 pointed out in a comment on my earlier answer to this question, posting a code snippet is not a requirement.

I had forgotten about the outcome of Replacing MCVE with Code Snippet in custom close reason? and the two lines of code that you had included appear to have met the minimum code required by the custom close reason that I used.

That custom close reason was added to the content curation tools of this site 4.5 years ago, as a result of Shortest code to reproduce GIS programming problems, and so it was not available to consider 6 years ago, when your question was asked. However, it is now, and your question was reviewed recently.

Our Q&A format is underpinned by wiki-style editing, and what your question encountered recently was the application of today's curation/editing standards in the same way that Wikipedia pages are subject to ongoing curation, and are expected to improve over time.

On your question, today's curation/editing standards were not applied correctly by me.


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