Should we (at least temporarily, e.g. some days or weeks before they occurs) promote FOSS community events (e.g. such as the current https://fosdem.org/2021/schedule/track/geospatial/) in a certain way, somehere on "our" Stack Exchange space?

  • Could this be seen badly by only promoting open source software when esri has also some (maybe free) meetings? If we go by the goal of the organisation (non-profit vs profit) then this seems like a good line. Also should more frequen events like QGIS monthly (now virtual) meetups? Or even events for smaller 'less popular' communities? – Al rl Feb 21 at 23:09

For an event which is only days or weeks away, or already running, you could advertise it in the GIS Chat Room.

With a longer lead time the way to do it would be by taking advantage of Community Ads. These are the recent past ones:

and, even though Will there be Community Promotion Ads in 2021, if so when? is not yet answered by SE staff, I am expecting that the 2021 Q&A will appear on our Meta soon. In the meantime, in a comment, @Catija has said that:

until the new post is created, the old ones still give the required info to the system.

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