I was worried that Is there any open waterway/lake dataset more detailed than 10m Natural Earth and less detailed than OpenStreetMap? may be too subjective (that is why I tried selecting objective requirements), but why it was closed as

relating to general IT or with no clear GIS component

? It seems to me that geographic data set has quite clear GIS component?


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I think all questions seeking open data recommendations are better asked at the Open Data Stack Exchange which has a tag for geospatial and to date 738 questions seeking open geospatial data that have been well received. However, I do not vote to close them here, unless they are unclear, unfocused or off-topic for another reason, because a significant proportion of our community say that they think such questions are better asked here.

Consequently, I can understand the sentiment of users voting to close them, but I think the close reason used on your question is inappropriate because it clearly does have a GIS component. If users are going to vote to close questions seeking open data recommendations then I think they should either use a close reason of Other or, if they prefer less typing, then they could propose a revised wording for the close reason they are currently using, like we did four years ago at Improving wording of "no GIS component" custom close reason?

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