Being fairly new on GIS SE, I often wondered, why there is a qgis and a qgis-3 tag. I can imagine it being once relevant, when QGIS 3 was fairly new, and a lot of people still used a 2.x LTR, plugins weren't all adapted etc.

I found Keep or delete [qgis-3] version tag? from nearly 5 years ago, discussing to merge multiple tags. I want to discuss now whether a seperate qgis-3 tag is still relevant or could be merged into a single qgis tag. We're at version 30 now, I don't believe there are many users left still using QGIS 2.

Since joining these Q&A sites, I wonder at every question I post, if using qgis-3 along with qgis would help me get faster answers. Never have I ever considered using only one, because my question does not fit into the other category.

A similar discussion was previously held for qgis-2 as Double tags qgis and qgis-2.0, providing different views on the topic.

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In the early days of this site there was considerable debate about whether and when to use version tags. At that time, I was a proponent of version tags.

However, I now think it is far better to always mention the version being used within the body of a question (or answer), and to simply use a product tag.

Consequently, I would be in favour of merging the tag into the tag. This would seem to align with an earlier answer from @underdark when discussing the value of version/double tags for QGIS.


Even though I personally agree with PolyGeo's answer, one could argue that once QGIS evolves to 4.x, it will possibly be again crucial to seperate questions asking about 3.x and 4.x from each other (same problem as why qgis-3 exists in the first place).

That would be an opinion against merging said tags.

Then once again, the question arises, wether it would be wise to automatically add the qgis tag to all questions tagged qgis-3 to make searching for tags easier as mentioned here.

  • I think the major version number of QGIS is linked to the Python version, and Python4 is not planned for the moment : techrepublic.com/article/… Apr 26, 2023 at 11:06
  • Even then QGIS would still move to a number higher than 3 at some point. May 7, 2023 at 21:32

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