As you may know, FME underwent a rebranding exercise recently. I've made a few suggested edits for tags, but I don't think I have the reputation to sort out synonyms properly. I'm also not sure which way around synonyms ought to point.

For the rebranding:

  • FME Desktop became FME Form
  • FME Server became FME Flow
  • FME Cloud became FME Flow Hosted

Right now, the FME tags on the site are:

  • fme
  • fme-transformer
  • fme-server
  • fmeobjects
  • fme-cloud
  • fme-form
  • fme-flow
  • fme-desktop
  • fme-workbench

I just created the fme-form and fme-flow tags.

So, would fme-desktop become a synonym for fme-form, or should it be the other way around? And the same question for fme-server becoming a synonym for fme-flow, and fme-cloud for fme-flow-hosted.

To be honest, some of those tags aren't particularly useful - for example, fme-workbench - and we could maybe delete that one?

I know there are already some synonyms, and I'm not sure if they are helpful or not.


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You have followed our Guidelines for proposing tag synonyms, which lead me to think that we should use moderator tools to implement this quickly.

I propose that we do the following as soon as community consensus is clear:

  1. Merge as a synonym of
  2. Merge as a synonym of
  3. Merge as a synonym of

Once that has been done, and/or if additional proposals are made, we can proceed to deal with any other existing FME tags that need attention.


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