Based on the same idea about time related questions as described in Asking same question for newer version, I'm wondering if it is OK or not to ask the same question with, as a target, a different software and/or environment. I'm having in mind GUI based tools (e.g. QGIS) vs tools that have to be run in a headless environment (e.g. Python scripts)?

In fact, I've already seen questions that were closed because they weren't focused enough when they concerned several software programs or libraries.

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I am not certain about what you are asking here but I think it is whether the following are three non duplicate questions:

  1. Doing X using QGIS
  2. Doing X using ArcGIS Pro
  3. Doing X using PyQGIS

I think the three are distinct questions and if more than one of the three is asked in the same question then that question lacks the necessary focus for our focused Q&A format.

The third would almost always require a code snippet to be presented whereas the first two would usually need a series of steps to be described.

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