I think I asked a question about map-numbering systems on the main site. Either I am mistaken and I didn't finally submit the question, or it got removed — maybe it's considered offtopic.

  • Would I receive a message if a question I asked gets removed (e.g. for being off-topic)?
  • Would a question like this one be considered on-topic? I'm not too much into GIS and not sure if it might be too far off.
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    Your account record doesn't indicate you have ever asked any question. (If it had been closed, migrated, or deleted, I would still see a record of it.) You wouldn't necessarily get a message (as far as I know), but you should still be able to see the question title on your account page. I think you just didn't submit the question. – whuber Nov 28 '11 at 23:02

I'd say they're on topic. There are already a number of questions related to MGRS. Have you looked to see if the question is listed on your personal page, but with "closed" next to it?

I've always been amused at how folks at places like Mapsco and Keymap define a very elegant referencing system covering a city, only to have to kludge their system when the city grows beyond the original coverage.

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