During GIS.se's beta/post-launch, I was a believer of the a 24-hours grace period for bad questions from new users so that new users weren't immediately discouraged from participating in the GIS.se. And I commented accordingly when I saw premature downvotes. And I was about to add comments to this question about not immediately downvoting the asker (new user).:

I have a shapefile containing three types of polylines, how can I color each type with different colors?

But is this still reasonable?

Or is GIS.se established and we should be downvoting immediately? It certainly seems to be the way it is on stackoverflow.com:

And I'm not talking about a grace period system feature--only a grace period as a community guideline.


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I very much agree with user Pekka's answer in the thread you linked.

When I see a bad question by a new user, I try to ask myself whether it might be a language barrier problem, lack of research ("rtfm"), or "do my homework for me".

I try to help improve questions where language seems to be the problem. I don't think the other two kinds of question deserve a grace period.

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