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Suggestion: Make print tag a synonym of printing [duplicate]

There are 29 questions tagged print (with no tag wiki) and 72 tagged printing (with a tag wiki). Should print tags redirect to printing?
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Tagging ArcGIS questions

These guidelines are offered to assist GIS SE users to tag and find categories of ArcGIS questions consistently. ArcGIS is a huge platform of software and over many years the most generic arcgis tag ...
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Voronoi vs Thiessen vs Delaunay Triangulation - one or more tags?

This was originally posted as an answer in the How to suggest tag synonyms? question, but given my uncertainty in what synonym to suggest and the nature of their relationship, comment suggested it ...
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Is it possible to have Windows tags conform to GIS Stack Exchange naming conventions?

At the moment we have the following windows* tags: windows x 99 windows7 x 51 windows8 x 30 windowsserver2008 x 9 windows-phone x 4 windows-server2012 x 2 Only two of these seem to conform to the ...
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Should "leaflet" and "leaflet-api" be synonomous?

I think leaflet and leaflet-api refer to same thing and should be synonyms
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Guidelines for proposing tag synonyms

Based on recent discussions in other Q&As, it seems we are in agreement that: The built-in tag synonym suggestion system is fundamentally flawed The old "How to suggest tag synonyms?" question ...
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Disambiguating [adf] tag?

The adf tag is currently used in 21 Questions about: The Web Application Developer Framework (ADF) of ArcGIS for Server (and ArcIMS) which is being deprecated; or The Esri Grid Format which has *.adf ...
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Should answers on "How to suggest tag synonyms?" be deleted once implemented?

@ChrisW and I have had some discussion this evening/morning in comments to my answer on Make suggesting synonyms privilege that kicks in at reputation of around 1,000? @AndreSilva had suggested that ...
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What's the purpose of the 'software' tag? [duplicate]

The software tag is currently applied to 36 questions. As far as I can tell, this tag has little meaning and no usefulness--practically any question could be tagged with it--so I am thinking one of ...
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Are the cost-path and least-cost-path tags synonyms?

I don't have the rep to propose these two tags as synonyms, nor am I certain whether or not they should be. The cost-path tag description seems to be quite specifically geared towards the ArcGIS tool. ...
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Is arcgis-workflow-manager more suitable tag for ArcGIS Workflow Manager than wmx?

An Answer to an earlier Meta Question suggested/requested that the tag for the ArcGIS Workflow Manager (formerly known as the Job Tracking extension) follow Stack Exchange GIS tag naming conventions: ...
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