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Are software-specific command tags... appropriate?

I just reviewed a question with a vrt tag, and not knowing what it referred to I noticed the Wiki hadn't been filled out. So I went to create that one and also noticed a gdalbuildvrt tag that wasn't ...
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When Question is tagged arcgis10 should we assume arcgis-10.0 or arcgis-10.1 or ...?

I would like to revisit Formatting tags relating to version numbers? from the early days of the GIS Stack Exchange from a slightly different slant. When ArcGIS 10.0 was released there was little need ...
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How to search for ALL questions concerning ArcGIS, QGIS or others?

The question How to easy search (using tags) - using * ? has already shown a way how to use asterisks (*) with tags for better search. But assuming an example of "Is there a way how to search for ...
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What's the process to add a new tag if you're under 300 rep

What's the process to add a new tag if you're under 300 rep. For example I want to add "arcgis-10.3.1" but I'm only 186 rep. Do we open a chat with a moderator, or add a comment on the post, or is ...
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