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Migrating questions about obtaining open spatial data from GIS to Open Data?

This is related to an earlier discussion about Are questions about obtaining geospatial data on topic? Recently two questions tagged data have been migrated to the Open Data Stack Exchange: https://...
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Should questions asking for product, service, data and learning (course, book, website) recommendations be explicitly off-topic?

Many questions that ask explicitly for software, hardware, data, and other recommendations are closed at GIS Stack Exchange as being primarily opinion-based and/or for lacking focus. Examples of such ...
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What is this site about, really?

I'm concerned about questions that have little to do with GIS but they involve somehow getting server or database software to run. Typical examples ask for help in communicating with servers, such as ...
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Handling overlap with Stack Overflow?

How should we handle overlap with Stack Overflow? Unlike SU, where there is almost no overlap there is quite a bit of overlap between GIS and software devlopment. Both in terms of questions which ...
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Options when question is duplicate of one with no/inadequate/old answers?

I have a question that has already been asked (Understanding min and max values with Mosaic to New Raster?), but it does not yet have an answer. Is there a way to revive or draw attention to this ...
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Improving our FAQ?

I have never been too happy with referring new users to our FAQ. Specifically, I feel that the first two sections, What kind of questions can I ask here?, and What kind of questions should I not ask ...
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Where is the line between Python and GIS?

Related to When are field calculator scripting questions on topic? and various comments on that Meta question (and many Main questions since) I think it is clear that we do not have consensus on where ...
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Why are there ArcPy related and tagged questions on Stack Overflow?

I was looking for an ArcPy related info on Google and it led me to a Stack Overflow (not GIS SE) question tagged with an ArcPy tag. Wouldn't it be more logical to have all those questions transfered ...
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Asking code review questions for GIS related code?

I know Stack Exchange has a Code Review site, but asking questions about GIS focused topics there appears to have the same problems as asking GIS focused/related questions on Stack Overflow. The ...
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Code review for a specific piece of code

I know the Code Review Stack Exchange and posted a question there. Would be a place for gis code review? I mean, can someone pop in, and asks: can you review some piece of my code?
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Are software recommendations good candidates for being wiki locked?

When searching on Google for Android and GIS, one of the very first hits is the following page on Seeking Mobile GIS applications for Android Tablets? The question is wiki locked, so no more ...
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Links between SE sites

In my comment on meta.codereview, about the validity of having an arcobjects tag, I linked back to this question on meta.gis. I was expecting this link to show up on the Linked sidebar on the meta....
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