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Promoting FOSS community events

Should we (at least temporarily, e.g. some days or weeks before they occurs) promote FOSS community events (e.g. somewhere on GIS Stack Exchange?
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What GIS Stack Exchange avenues are available to enlist community support for Emergency?

As an example of an emergency encountered by a GIS professional: I am part of a small group that is trying to get signatures on an online petition to get licensed aerial images put into the ...
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9 votes
7 answers

Helping GIS SE community growth

We have been talking on how to make our community grow. We have all sorts of user bases, but we only see a slice of it in GIS Stack Exchange. Since we are an open community, we should try getting more ...
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Rules about advertising in answers

Since the beta went public, I've noticed a few responses which seem solely to be advertising a particular product, or in one case, the product written by the answerer. While I have no problem with ...
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