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a Thank you for the swag and a Happy New Year's greetings to all [closed]

I just got the GIS swag and wanted to thank all the Stackexchange staff and the GIS moderators. The swag arrived just in time to count as a New Year's gift ( the jewish new year holiday is in two days ...
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Washing T-shirt

Some of you have received your swag packages. Grats! I just want to stress that, when you wash your t-shirt, PLEASE make sure you turn it inside out, use cold water and non-bleach detergent. ...
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Can free opportunities for classes be posted on GIS Stack Exchange?

I saw a listing on r-sig-geo. Mentioning an upcoming training for geo-statistics in Germany. While I am not traveling to attend it mentioned availablity to attend free online (live). Being GIS ...
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Congratulations to the new moderators of 2011

Congratulations to the new moderators William Huber (whuber), Mapperz, and Anita Graser (underdark).
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Information on the moderator candidates

Yi Jiang has put together a nice site that use the Stack Overflow API to display information on the moderator candidates. Click here to see all the information. The information presented is: What ...
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New Design Launched

Hi All, as you can see the new design just went live. Which means this site has been officially launched! Congratulations! Thank you for your design feed back. I have made some tweaks based on your ...
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How to make announcments for

As evidenced by the relatively low level participation on meta.gis thus far, not many people from the main site are taking the time to visit here. When there are questions for the broader community (...
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Locating original Stack Exchange chat room for GIS site?

WARNING The chat room linked to below the line below was frozen about six years ago. The link is being left there for historical interest but please do NOT seek to unfreeze and use it. Instead ...
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Encourage accepting answers on GIS Stack Exchange?

I've noticed that there are only a few questions that are marked as answered in GIS SE. Can we announce something on the main website? My guess is NOT. But how to warn users that they can mark ...
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