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3 answers

Where to report back about optimal settings for the script provided in an answer

To one of my questions, I got an answer that was what I was looking for. The script provided requires a few input values and I tested different settings to see which one is the most efficient (this in ...
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Why does the "active" queue show old answered questions when edited?

I've noticed this a few times while browsing GIS SE where questions that are a few years old are edited by a moderator/user for minor clarification and then it appears top on the list of questions on ...
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0 answers

Delete or edit question on cartographic 'jokes'?

As Polygeo has pointed out, and placed on hold, my question on Cartographic jokes Examples of cartographic 'jokes' was trying to build a list. I hadn't really appreciated that this didn't fit ...
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1 answer

Answered question "put-on-hold" due to lack of "shortest code"?

This question was recently placed on-hold: Selecting features within certain buffer distance of selected feature using PyQGIS? The reason being: This question appears to be off-topic. The users who ...
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1 answer

Should I edit an answer, create a new answer, or create a new question (and answer it)?

I was having some trouble with the Measure Widget and Popup and the answer here got me on the right track: Hiding infoWindow of ArcGIS API for JavaScript while using measure tool? Both answers assume ...
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1 answer

What should I do if I have a question and found an _old_ answer? [duplicate]

I searched and found a two year old answer to a problem I have today. But may be the old answer is not a good answer today because: technical changes in the tool (proposed in the old answer) ...
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1 answer

Where to post follow-up on answered question?

Recently I asked a question and received an answer. It worked initially so I marked it as answered. However as I used the model I came across a significant problem that I'd like to ask for further ...
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16 votes
3 answers

Too many questions left unanswered when answer inside comments? [duplicate]

I am finding the amount of questions left in "unanswered" state increase because the original poster had found the answer in the comments portion of their question and abandoned the question. What ...
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26 votes
3 answers

Why are there so many question with no votes but with answers that have upvotes?

Example (at the time I'm posting this question, the question below has 0 votes): Setting IActiveView extent? And maybe the example above isn't the best example, but I see this happening a lot with ...
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3 answers

Guidelines on accepting answers for 'list of x' community wikis?

I thought it was strange to still have a cw question with an accepted answer option, but it appears this topic has been discussed on I do like the suggestion of having the ...
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7 votes
5 answers

Encourage accepting answers on GIS Stack Exchange?

I've noticed that there are only a few questions that are marked as answered in GIS SE. Can we announce something on the main website? My guess is NOT. But how to warn users that they can mark ...
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