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Re-asking old questions with correct (but now dated) answers?

What's the policy on old questions whose answers are no-longer current (but were correct at the time). For example, this question: Seeking QGIS tutorials and web resources? - has a number of answers ...
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1 answer

The FAQ doesn't discuss answering

When looking for a link to give to someone new to the site about what kind of answers we look for I noticed the FAQ talks a lot about how to ask good questions but not about good answers. Kind of a ...
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9 votes
4 answers

Can we enforce the "Answers in Answer section" rule more?

I've noticed a few questions since I joined this SE page that have answers or partial answers in the comment section, rather than as actual answers, not sure what we can do about this other than ...
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Why is link only answer flag declined?

I came across this link only answer in review queue, and marked it as VLQ. It now has downvotes and similar comments that it's link-only. However, it is declined with the following response: declined ...
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Should we encourage users to expand their answers a little bit more?

Are we ok with "only link answers" or answers that just point the OP towards a software/package/plugins, etc? I have seen answers on GIS SE which if were expanded a bit would be nicer answers. By "...
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