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Meetup at Esri APUC in Auckland from 5-7 November, 2012 [closed]

Related to Meetup at 2012 Esri User Conference? Is anyone else in the group going to the Esri Asia-Pacific User Conference meeting in Auckland on November 5-7? I'd love to meet up if so. I'm happy ...
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13 votes
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Meetup at 2012 Esri User Conference?

Is anyone from planning to attend the 2012 ESRI User Conference in San Diego next month (23rd-27th July)? We should meet up or something! I don't have time to plan anything myself but will ...
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4 votes
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Possibility for GIS.SE podcasts or competitions

I was curious what the community thought of having either a GIS specific podcast or gis competition. Both can happen online and both would help in building a community base, ultimately giving us more ...
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2011 ESRI International User Conference

The 2011 ESRI International User Conference will be in San Diego, CA July 11-15. During the ESRI DevSummit last March, GIS.SE sponsored Kirk Kuykendall to attend and he did an outstanding job of ...
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Sponsoring a community member to attend the 2011 Esri dev summit

The 2011 Esri International Developer Summit is this March 7-10 in Palm Springs We are thinking the public launch of this site should correspond with ...
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