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Asking questions about obtaining free geospatial data? [duplicate]

I have asked a question about downloading free geospatial data on the Open Data (beta) Stack Exchange but because of the temporarily low traffic of this beta site, this question has reached to only 9 ...
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3 answers

Tagging data questions on GIS Stack Exchange?

There has previously been some discussion here about: Are questions about obtaining geospatial data on topic? Tag synonym proposal - software and free related tags Which brings me to examine these ...
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Are questions about obtaining geospatial data on topic?

Based on @martin's answer, I would like to get some additional feedback on this question in the general case -- should we now direct questions about obtaining geospatial data to the new Open Data ...
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GIS SE Community Approved Hosts for Example Datasets?

In the course of using the site I often find myself commenting on a new question saying 'Can you post a sample of your data?' In the case of csv files and other plain text formats a few lines can be ...
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Geotagging data questions

When a user uses the tag data to ask a question about a specific area ( < the entire world), would it make sense to allow some coordinates to be associated with the question? For example a small ...
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