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Posting code and its link on GIS SE

How do I post my code and its link on GIS Stack Exchange?
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The (very short) story of a backslash

I just noticed that I had unfortunately inserted a backslash, in a piece of text formatted as code in a comment. This morning, I didn't understand why my formatting went so messy.... Then I ...
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Modifying custom close reason for when pictures of code rather than formatted text are presented?

Last time we tweaked the custom close reason below was at Tweaking custom close reason for poorly framed code debugging/writing/improving questions? Questions seeking help to debug/write/improve ...
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Is this the right community for this type of question + latex support

I posted this question on robotics.stackexchange because the lack of latex support for gis.stackexchange made me wonder whether or not it was the appropriate community to ask such questions. So I ...
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Any coding tags missing code language setting for syntax highlighting?

From Meta Q&As like: What is syntax highlighting and how does it work? Changes to syntax highlighting and Syntax highlighting for pyqgis my understanding is that there should never be a need to ...
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How to format a comment?

Eg in this post's comment Kirk has formatted the URLs nicely: @whuber Note that this users' first question is Mar 7. I agree that we shouldn't display 0% when someone asks their first question, ...
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